La Bodega


Estamos en la cuna del Albariño: en el Val do Salnés

We are in the birthplace of Albariño: in Val do Salnés

This sub-zone of the Rías Baixas, in the north of the Pontevedra province, has the greatest oceanic influence in all of Galicia. Pazo Cilleiro is in the town of Meis, very close to Armenteira monastery, surrounded by gentle valleys flowing into the Galician estuaries or Rias.

Combinamos tradición y modernidad

We combine
tradition and modernity

At Pazo Cilleiro we develop viticulture that is 100% respectful of the environment and the heritage received. The vines are cultivated with the horizontal trellis system, unique in the world and symbol of wine-growing Galicia.

Furthermore, to ensure optimal quality in all our production, we have the necessary technological equipment and the most suitable facilities to carry out our work.

Seleccionamos los mejores viñedos

We select the best vineyards.

We have a close relationship with our land and its small-scale winegrowers. We get the grapes to make our wine from a constellation of small plots of vines selected from all over the district. Added together, this gives us more than 80 hectares of vineyards, lovingly cared for by over 250 independent winegrowers.

Soil with special mineralization

Our vines grow in low, shallow soil, very close to the sea. The siliceous geology all along the west coast of the Spanish mainland creates a surface layer of granitic sand which gives the wine unique minerality. These are acidic soils, and this trait provides salinity.

Un suelo con una mineralidad especial Un suelo con una mineralidad especial